At ARKASIS we offer WEB services at different levels, being able to offer the design, hosting, domain registration for businesses that want to have an ONLINE presence. We can also offer Design and Hosting services for online stores and custom solutions like BIM Hosting. We bring the 3d experience to the WEB with the design of custom solutions that become 3d cloud immersive experiences.

WEB Hosting and Design

We offer WEB Design, WEB Hosting, and Domain Registration services. Based on the specific needs of each customer we can offer customized solutions that include complete packages. We can also provide you with advice and advertising services so that your site has the traffic you require for the success of your business.

We can also offer our customers all the infrastructure they require and scalable solutions that allow them to adapt to changes in the demand for their services. We offer rental services for Cloud Servers and dedicated servers, plesk licenses, and provisioning. We can also bring our customers the ability to resell of our services.

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BIM Hosting, Ecommerce

We can offer our customers all the web infrastructure so that they can integrate the ONLINE SALE service of their products. You can also offer the design of your online store with a striking and well organized design.

We have launched a portal for Suppliers for the construction industry where they will be able to sell and manage their products and can also expose their products in BIM format, so that they can be found by architects and builders and be specified in their projects in Revit. The portal has many interesting functions and has a massive global exposure.

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Autodesk Forge Cloud Services

By developing WEB sites and online stores, we have added all our experience as Autodesk-authorized developers, being able to integrate all 3d visualization technology into specialized sites.

As an example we have integrated 3d visualization services into our BIM portal where builders can publish their projects and share them with the provider so that we can receive advice from it directly from the 3d model in Revit and in the cloud.

Based on Autodesk Forge technology we can develop specific 3d applications for our customers needs: as applications that are directly linked to IOT sensors installed in buildings and monitor the power-saving operation or applications that link the information of a 3d model to real-time data and graphs or that communicate with ERP systems.

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