By using 3d modeling software, realistic photo rendering and 3d animation  we offer our customers immersive virtual reality experiences. The  virtual reality market has had a great growth as a sales tool for architects, real estate brokers, entertainment (games and movies) and as an educational and simulation tool. For the next few years exponential growth is expected and that is why at ARKASIS we are already developing solutions that allow our customers to enhance their brand experiences with this technology.

We can generate 100% virtual computer-generated sets or scan real locations to be viewed in virtual reality or 360 panoramic views.

Being ARKASIS an Autodesk Authorized Developer allows us to advise our customers to implement this technology as part of their customer presentation processes and as a tool to sell their products.  We can generate  immersive experiences  that have information about their products such as costs, specifications, etc. In this way we can add innovative sales tools that can be included within the website of our customers.

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