Through the use  of 3d modeling software, photorealistic rendering and 3d animation we offer our customers immersive virtual reality experiences. The virtual reality market has had a great growth as a sales tool for architects, real estate brokers, entertainment (games and movies) and as an educational and simulation tool. For the coming years, exponential growth is expected and that is why at ARKASIS we are already developing solutions that allow our customers to enhance their brand experiences with this technology.

As a necessity derived from the pandemic, a distributor of equipment and machine tools asked us to develop a virtual Exhibition Stand, where customers were able to navigate through different virtual stands that contain the equipment to be promoted, integrating videos, technical sheets and costs. This application was developed and can be navigated with virtual reality glasses and integrated into an online store. In this way, new user experiences are created that, while serving as new marketing strategies, can automate the purchase of products online. See project here:

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