BIM Services

At ARKASIS we offer BIM services such as: Revit Family Modeling, Revit Project Development, BIM Consulting and Training (Revit), and cloud-based services such as BIM application development, BIM hosting and BIM Marketing.

BIM Modeling

At ARKASIS we develop Revit families from real suppliers in the construction industry. The advantage we offer to material suppliers is that their products are modeled as they really are from their manufacturing models and already carry all the graphic and non graphic specifications necessary for use in a BIM project.


Parametric family design in Revit

Revit Models based on the original production model

Models generated based on Revit Style 2020

100% Quality Assurance on every generated Revit model

We can generate any type of material or product in Revit format

BIM Training and Consulting

We offer advice, implementation and training in everything related to BIM. We advise manufacturers of construction products on the correct generation of their families, builders and architects in the implementation of Revit-based work models and offer online training courses in Revit Architecture, Revit MEP and Revit Structure.


We serve construction products or material providers

We can advise constructors, engineers and instalations´experts

Level 2 BIM implementing


BIM Hosting

IN ARKASIS we offer the services of BIM Hosting and BIM Marketing, innovative concepts that take advantage of the adoption of the BIM-based work model to offer services such as portals and BIM platforms. These platforms and portals facilitate the mass exposure of BIM models from real manufacturers in the construction industry to be easily found by architects and engineers to specify them in their BIM projects.


We exploit BIM as a powerful marketing tool.

We can create BIM platforms as collaborative cloud workplaces

If you are a material or product provider for the construction industry come an register in our BIM Portal and Platform

BIM Projects Development

By having certified engineers and architects with experience in BIM projects execution, in ARKASIS we can develop and supervise BIM projects at any level LOD-100, LOD-200, LOD-350 to LOD-500, likewise we can work at a level 2 to optimize the collaborative work between the different disciplines and adhered to BIM Standards, Uniformat or Masterformat, BEP Guides and Cobie regulations.


Development of BIM projects at any level LOD-100 to LOD 500 As built.

BIM Certified Architects and Enginners.

Level 2 BIM implementing

Adheres to BIM and Cobie regulations.


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At ARKASIS we have launched the BIMARK portal. In this portal, suppliers of building materials and products will be able to display their products in Revit format to thousands of potential customers. architects, engineers, builders and contractors will be able to find all the products they require to specify in their BIM projects. The BIMARK portal has been renewed and transformed into a collaborative platform between builder and supplier facilitating the process and management of constructions and facilitating the closure of businesses. We also already have the online sales service of our customers' products, thus adding a direct way to sell their products.


BIMARK If you are a constructor material or product provider register now!!