We offer Development  and advice in BIM Projects according to the new requirements of the Industry. Increasingly, countries require certification in BIM technology to all participants in public projects, such as in the United Kingdom, Spain, United States. In Mexico the use of BIM is mandatory for all public and private projects since the beginning of 2023. We have developed BIM LOD 350 supervising of large infraestructure projects like the Tren Maya (Maya Railway) which connects 4 different states in Mexico. 

A BIM project offers the following  advantages over a project made in  CAD:

1.-Simultaneous representation  2d/3D.2.-Detection of interference between all components of a project such as installations, structural elements, etc.3.-You can  quantify and obtain  total costs from the model (5d).4.-Allows simultaneous  work of all involved in the project in a single model 3d.5.-Allows to generate energy utilization analysis and sustainability (6d).6.- Allows the planning of the work (4d).7.-The elements can be parametric.8.-Once the project is completed facilitates   the  administration and maintenance of the built project (7d). 9.-Allows to visualize the project with Virtual Reality technologies  and with the actual elements and materials.

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