We at ARKASIS offer BIM solutions such as BIM Marketing and BIM Hosting to make it easier for suppliers in the construction industry to be easily found by architects, engineers and builders and be specified in their BIM projects. We have launched our BIM BIMARK portal where suppliers will be able to exhibit their products in a massive way.

The great advantage of this Portal is that the product provider no longer has to invest in advertising for the builder or customer to find their BIM products, offering them information as download metrics.  Likewise, offering our customers the service to host their content will save them costs in bandwidths, search tool, web design, etc.

We have recently launched our Cloud Services for Premium customers aimed at generating collaborative spaces in 3d. It will allow Builders and Architects to publish their files in the cloud in 3d and share them with their suppliers to be able to get direct advice from them. With interesting functions such as 3d visualization, component listing, object isolation, section generator, taking measurements, etc.

Join our BIM BIMARK portal here where architects can easily find your product and specify it in their projects.

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