BIM Catalogs  or  BIM Objects are essentially products that can be incorporated directly into BIM projects.

For savings, increased productivity, decreased project delivery time, architects are migrating their software to BIM-based systems like Revit. This makes it necessary for suppliers of  any  product to already have their products in BIM format.  If you are a supplier of the construction industry, go to our BIMARK portal in and contact us so that we can advise you on how you can expose your BIM products to thousands of potential customers, architects and builders.

A BIM object  offers  the  following advantages over a CAD model: :
1.-It has 2d and 3d representation.
2.-It has manufacturer specifications and technical certifications. .
3.-It has links to the provider’s site.
4.-Can be quantified and quoted..
5.-It has installation, maintenance and sustainability specifications  that can be used to perform energy-saving analysis before the building is built and once built for proper operation and maintenance.
6.-Can be placed inside a parent element. (example a window will adhere to the wall).

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