Online Store Services

Online store designing

At ARKASIS we offer the design of online stores to automate the sales process of our customers aiming to increase the volume of sales. We can design both the backend and the store frontend in such a way that it conforms to the image requirements and functionality that is required. This after a thorough analysis and feedback with our customers.


Online Store Management encompasses inventory processes, costs, offers, and payment means. All these processes can be configured directly by our customers being able to control the operation of their store themselves. We can also provide them with the administration service or advise them on the process. We also work with them to advise them on the delivery logistics of their products.


We can offer you the hosting of your online store from an affordable price and based on the requirements of the same, such as number of products, means of payment, customer management, inventory management, email accounts, server space and bandwidth. All this scalable based on the behavior of the same and new functionalities that are required.


We call personalization, the value-added design and functionality services that we incorporate in an online store in such a way that it goes exactly according to the type of product it sells and the needs of its niche market. At ARKASIS we have developed online sales solutions for the construction market where we have incorporated 3d solutions that are required by the Architect or builder as well as online sales of the products for a conventional user.

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