3D & Virtual Reality

3D Modeling, Rendering and Animation

At ARKASIS we have grown and evolved with 3d technology, being pioneers in the management of software like AutoCad and 3dsmax since its first versions, pushing their potential to the limit to generate documentation of projects and virtual mockups through 3d modeling that we can show as 3d animations. Incorporating next-generation render engines we can generate 100% photorealistic images of spaces or products for sale without even being created or built. We can generate 3d models for different purposes in any type of format (dwg, rvt, max, obj, step, iam, fbx, etc).

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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) have been exponentially replacing CAD systems in everything related to building design, as they are not only useful for this, but for the entire building life cycle involving its conceptualization, design, documentation, construction, energy analysis, administration, maintenance and remodeling. At ARKASIS we offer family modeling in Revit from real construction industry suppliers as well as in the development of BIM projects in Revit.


Virtual Reality means the generation of computer-generated spaces that can be visualized as if we were within these spaces and interactively. In ARKASIS we have the technology to generate 100% photorealistic spaces and generate immersive experiences of high impact. With applications in Architecture, Entertainment, Games, Simulation, Education and Training we can offer our customers a new means of presentation that grows exponentially in adoption and value offering great competitive advantages.


Digital transformation has arrived to the world of construction with the help of 3d scanning devices based on photogrammetry, laser scanners and drones and the use of BIM software, In ARKASIS we make use of the graphic information created by these devices for different purposes, being able to create applications that allow to incorporate information (graphic and text) to buildings and useful in the fields of architecture , education, tourism, entertainment etc.

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